Why was the WPAA formed?

A community consensus has developed around transforming Wailuku Town into a vibrant Arts & Culture District. Five leading performance arts organizations based in Wailuku -- Maui OnStage, MAPA, Maui Choral Arts, Maui Pops Orchestra, and Maui Chamber Orchestra -- formed this alliance (the WPAA) to bring about that transformation in such a way that each organization continues to grow and thrive, to the benefit of our entire island community, residents and visitors alike.

How do all the WPAA member organizations work together?

We coordinate our scheduling and programming, with two specific goals in mind: (1) that Maui audiences may partake of a wide array of world-class performances in different genres, and (2) that our incredibly talented pool of local actors, dancers, and musicians have maximal opportunities to share theirs gifts with our community. As opportunities arise, we will also leverage our collective size to pursue funding from government and private foundation sources.

Is the WPAA a non-profit?

For now, WPAA is not a separate nonprofit entity. But all of its member organizations are 501(c)(3) nonprofits. In supporting the WPAA -- whether as a whole, or via its member organizations -- you are helping us to realize the vision of Wailuku Town as the vibrant Arts & Culture District that our community needs.

How can I support the WPAA?

To make a donation that supports the Wailuku Arts & Culture District as a whole (to be divided evenly among the WPAA member organizations) click here. Or, to support an individual organization, go to the Our Members page and click on the 'Support Now' link associated with the organization to which you wish to make a donation.

Frequently Asked Questions